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SEO Crust understands the targeting potential of social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. We encompass all forms of social media advertising to support our client’s marketing goals. As a result, we consider ourselves leaders in the space and capability to accomplish our client’s digital marketing goals.

More than 1.4 billion people use Facebook and 900 million of them visit every day to connect with their friends, family, and community (Facebook, 2015). Let’s not forget about LinkedIn and Twitter as well. Mobile devices are now part of our lives more than ever, and we use them to discover, communicate, and shop. Social advertising is one of the best platforms to reach your target customer across platforms.

Social media ads can help consumers get directions to a retail location, download an app, view your videos, buy from your online store, or take another action on your websit



Our social advertising approach is founded on years of experience and dedication to mastering the different social media platforms. We test, we learn, we implement, we capture the data, and we analyze. We connect your brand with your audiences using a combination of hyper-local, demographic, interest, and in-market shopper targeting filters. It’s about choosing who to deliver your message to, making your message more relevant to the people who see them. Last, of all our team places pixels on your site to understand, what your customers are doing and whether or not they are converting.

This is how we do it and we are always improving and adapting to the new requirements of social platforms. We have the know-how and technical experience to make social media advertising an integral part of your marketing mix.

What Makes Us A Top Digital Agency?

The team here is  fantastic. They’re responsive, knowledgeable and very strategic. I would Highly recommend for businesses wanting to take their site and SEO to the next level.

Lauren Hitt

They have went the extra mile right from the beginning. I am not the most tech/web savvy person and they have made that easy and held my hand the entire way. I can’t wait to continue to build on this project with them.

Tim Ducat

 I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for website design and SEO profile built. The team here is highly professional and responsive, they were able to answer all my questions and are very punctual with their response. They did an amazing job designing.

John Adam

Social media replaces nothing but compliments everything.

Neal Schaffer

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